Our History

Born from the entrepreneurial and turnaround successes of Arif N. Bhalwani, Pinnacle Capital has built, advised and invested in companies spanning industries that include telecommunications, media, technology, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, energy, automotive and financial services. The entrepreneurial heritage and innovative spirit of the firm allows it to take unconventional and creative approaches to investing, that are often contrarian and sometimes pioneering. Pinnacle Capital’s successful investments have included: Canada’s first Internet incubator, Canada’s first fixed income alternative trading system, Canada’s leading alternative debt fund, and several early-stage patented technologies with diverse applications in oil and gas drilling, video compression, and cancer therapy, all of which were eventually sold.

Through disciplined investing and alignment of interests with our advisory clients, our goal is to fulfil the promise of both preserving and enhancing wealth for the next generation of the Bhalwani Family.