Our Services

Principal Investing

Pinnacle Capital is a direct investor focused on allocating capital to opportunities that require skill and hard work to unlock value. We believe in selecting superior investment opportunities through old-fashioned bottom-up fundamental analysis, not by trying to predict the direction of interest rates, the economy, or markets. We blend our money with experience, business building knowledge, and influential networks to give our investments every advantage they deserve. We are patient and disciplined, and each of our investments is always backed by high conviction and support irrespective of short-term market noise or temporary setbacks.

Our talented team have the skills to provide our portfolio with the highest quality advice. They provide guidance on a range of business issues, from strategy and operations to the latest digital innovations to transformational marketing campaigns. Our financial management expertise is particularly valuable to ensure that our businesses are supported on all key investment decisions.

Financial and Strategic Advisory

Whatever the economic climate and regardless of the stage of business cycle, Pinnacle Capital can help companies uncover and maximize value. We do this through our deep industry and functional experience, and apply our own proven approaches to effective strategic, operational, and financial change. We drive tangible results that can be measured to help companies become more capable and valuable. And because we always put “our money where our mouth is”, we stay aligned with our clients and conquer problems together.

With an accomplished management team, proven track record, and access to capital, we know what it is required to take a business to the next level. We help companies develop and implement processes that:

         •   Create and facilitate access to knowledge
         •   Emphasize standardisation and operational efficiency
         •   Integrate seamlessly with existing business processes
         •   Align with corporate objectives
         •   Fit the organisation’s and stakeholder culture
         •   Promote economic sustainability

Our recommendations are rooted in real-life experience not textbook theory.

We also help companies extract value from underperforming businesses and underutilized assets, and can identify new opportunities for growth or renewal. We have access to some of the world’s largest institutional investors, in order to raise capital beyond our own principal investing capabilities.

Pinnacle Capital Financial Advisory services provides a comprehensive range of lead advisory and transaction support services. Our clients range from small and mid-sized businesses to large companies, covering a wide variety of industry sectors, both in North America and overseas.

Debt Financing

Pinnacle Capital is an affiliate of Third Eye Capital, an established private debt investor that provides financing to good companies unable to access conventional credit. We can help companies optimize their capital structures with total investments that are less dilutive than pure equity or sub-debt alternatives. Our funds can provide a single source to quickly complete an acquisition or refinancing even in the face of industry uncertainty.